Asevatu Digital is committed to help you as an individual, your existing business or startup to develop your ideas by providing cloud-based technology services and make them easily available and understandable for your business.

We strive to become your technology enabler of trust.
Based in Australia, Germany and Mexico.

Our Services for
Businesses & Organizations

– Custom apps and systems design and development.
– Integration of legacy-systems with new technology.
– Business apps accessible within your smartphone.

  • Invoicing

  • Subscriptions

  • Payment Plans

  • Emailing

  • Coupons

– Business Websites with emphasis on quality.
– E-Commerce Websites with emphasis on marketing.
– Platforms for funds-splitting:
– Sharing-economy platforms.
– Marketplaces.
– Courses with multiple teachers.
– Events with multiple facilitators.

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Augmented Reality Experts

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Eva Louise Williams

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Tonantzin Chocolate

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Peer Academy

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Aztek Electronic Music

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Swinburne Digital Media Design

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Dancing Eros

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Our heuristics, design and aestethics are based on style. It is our primordial element for any creation. We are certain to know that with style; Your business will reach a much larger audience. A particular style must be set to your business for it to be recognized globally – we understand the concept of a digital brand very deeply and take that very seriously for any creation. We give your business the power to make use of the latest and high-end technology with ease.


The digital world and internet business is sure to take away a lot of unnecessary work load away from your organization. It will save costs on your business by automating systems and allow your business to accept payments online with the best and most secure technology. With the right marketing and audience; Your product or service not only will stand out among the competition, but it will bring you joy in the way that it works for you.


We work with very talented individuals. Asevatu Digital has hand-picked developers, designers, artists, producers, editors, illustrators, business developers and IT experts to build your next project. We would like our business customers to feel that they are getting really good value for their creations. The internet is flooded with information; So to really stand out, your business must have a unique advantage and originality over the rest.

… and focus on the creation.

We build a great relationship with our business clients. Why? Because your online business will become an essential element of your business, we consult our clients to move away from boring daily tasks and automate systems, to achieve this – we talk in a way which is understandable for you. We have all the tools necessary to cater the technology that your business needs, without you having to get involved, we like to say “leave it with us”. This works like an input / output process and simplifies the experience.


The on-demand economy gives the people what they want, now: rides, food, accommodation, and more. Your payments should meet the same high standards as your product experience: with just a tap.


The sharing economy has made life’s annoyances a little less irritating. In the old days, you would hail a cab on the street and pull out a $20 bill to pay the driver. Today, you find a Uber nearby using a smartphone app, and the app just charges your credit card. Very easy.

The platforms we create, allow your business to do the same; create a service that allows vendors to offer their services through your platform and customers who purchase their services.

Our sharing economy websites and apps, allow a customer payment to be split between vendor and business in the spot.

Give your business the advantage of hiring freelancers, independent contractors, etc.

We have partnered with Stripe, to give your business the best user experience possible when paying online.


We offer first-class support for subscription businesses. We create apps within your site and standalone apps to take all the work out of billing: we integrate your signup flow, add customers to a subscription plan, and we take care of the rest. Discounts, cancellations, subscription changes, multiple seats?
Allow your business to support all of that.


Give more power to your business – giving flexibility to it’s customers by allowing them to pay for your services or products on a payment installment plan. You can define the rules – for example; How many installments allowed, and the interval allowed (i.e monthly or fortnightly). Automatic payment reminders, failed payment reminders and intelligent algorithms for retrying failed payments, all of this by implementing the best payment technology API in the world.



An absolutely essential part of any business development, is it’s online presence. A professional, marketing-driven, aesthetically-pleasing website is a must with access to productivity and business tools right there for you.

Our business websites feel like apps, they can inform the visitor, but they also hold a lot of power on the inside, giving you access to your business on the cloud.

If you are serious about your business – then we are here to help you craft and create an amazing, solid and functional business online, not only a website; But set of systems working together with great user experience, for you and your visitors/customers.

We help build businesses online so that their systems work in a digital, cloud-based model, so that managing your clients, invoicing, payments, presentation and user experience is always unique, intelligent and beautiful.

– E-commerce
– Front-end Administration
– Marketplaces
– Course Centers
– Portfolios


Modern Payment Technologies

Make it easier for your clients to pay you. Accept all major credit/debit cards, securely, professionally and instantly.

We work extensively with the Stripe API , which is a set of tools for developers to have broad access to the most secure and reliable online technology to accept payments for businesses. Stripe guarantees that your business will not be victim of a fraud or hack, so your customers will be safe paying online.

These are some examples of what we can create for your business:

– Accept Payment Plans (Finance without need of a bank)
– Automated Invoicing Systems (invoice customers easily)
– Accounting Integration (sync with Quickbooks or Xero)
– Split Payment Systems (split between platform / vendors)
– Accept any currency
– Sharing Economy Models
– Marketplaces
– Web POS

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On-Demand Economy,

What is Sharing Economy?

Sharing economy is a new type of business model. The main idea is to create an app/system for your business: This can be a web-app or an app exclusive for devices.

The app is called the platform; Where your users will be able to register to sell either a product or service to the end user or customer. The vendor-type users will receive purchase payments directly from your customers, and a percentage will be split to the main platform (i.e your business).

The possibilities are endless, the only limit now is your creativity. Think about platforms like Airbnb or Uber. If you have a creative idea for a platform, do not hesitate to contact us, this are the most successful internet businesses at the moment. Here are some ideas:

– An alternative education platform with two types of users: Teachers and Students.
– A dog walking service with two types of users: Dog walkers and dog owners.
– A car washing service with two types of users: Car washers and car owners.

To find out more about sharing economy and on-demand economy:


Visual Communication & Branding

Style is essential to your business, we work with people who are passionate, dedicated and experts on communicating ideas visually.

Unique Branding, Stylish Graphic Design and Amazing Illustrations are only a small aspect of the big picture. We will consult and help your business take the most out of this by putting together a package that will make your new or existing business communicate what you want in a clear, engaging and concise way.

Experience the magic happen, see an idea go into reality, create a brand that will impact peoples life, colors that will be attractive and a business image that people can trust and relate to.



Cutting-edge visual digital technology allows us to create and model specifically for your business needs. Give your business/brand a boosting edge by creating content that is multi-dimensional and very visually appealing, also by making it interactive, creative and fun.

Maybe you are an architecture firm, and need to create 3d interactive augmented models, instead of the old physical model, we have solutions for your business.

Or perhaps you are an art gallery curator – and want to give your exhibition a different technological taste. For example, augmented reality on art pieces?

We work with specialists in the following areas:

Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality Applications
3D Modeling & Animation
Game Resources
CAD & Revit


Sound Design &
Music Supervision

Does your project require exceptionally good quality sound design, epic or cool pre-made music, or custom-made music?

Asevatu Digital works in conjunction with professional music producers and audio technology enthusiasts. Look no further if you require specific audio for your business.

Music Supervision
Music production
Sound design

We work professionally and with expertise – Nothing less.
We are committed to never abandon an ongoing business project.
We treat each of our creations and customers with the highest respect.
Constantly maintaining and monitoring your online business and systems.
You can rest assured that your business will operate smoothly online, so that you and your customers will always be happy.